UNIFACS Hosts Third International Architecture, Design, and Communication Festival

From September 29 to October 3, UNIFACS hosted their third International Architecture, Design and Communications Festival. The highlight of this year’s event was a series of workshops taught by Professor Mitchell Murphy, a professor from the Santa Fe University of Art and Design in the United States, which is also part of the Laureate International Universities network. Another of the festival’s popular activities was the Soiree of Art, Culture and Literature, with poetry, music, dance and performances. The event featured film screenings and lectures on various topics. 

The panel opening the festival was held on Monday, September 29 in the university’s Professor Barros auditorium, with the participation of Murphy, who talked about design thinking and innovation. Design thinking is a methodology created to develop complete projects by identifying solutions that are based on logic, imagination, intuition and systems thinking. “The method is not focused on the problem, but the solution,” explains director of architecture, design, communication and education, Cristiane Sarno. 

The workshops hosted by Murphy took place for four hours a day during each of the days of the festival. According Professor Sarno, the workshops were taught in five independent modules, showing the route of the creative process in design and the tools used to generate innovative ideas and design solutions to the problems presented. The themes of the different workshops included: innovation, research design & synthesis, visual thinking, brainstorming and ideation, framing & definition and “Making it Real.”

With 12 years of experience in design, innovation and business, Murphy was the creative director of the Frog Design Studio in Austin, Texas, working with clients such brands Gatorade and Target. Murphy also works with branded environment, digital design, and furniture design software for groups such as Nike, Coca-Cola, HP, GE, Intel and AT&T.