UNIFACS Hosts the Culture, Art and Sustainability Festival - Laureate

UNIFACS Hosts the Culture, Art and Sustainability Festival

On June 15, Universidad Salvador (UNIFACS) hosted its Festival of Culture, Art, & Sustainability (FUSCA). The event is focused on promoting and strengthening culture and art within the university and larger community. The festival includes a series of presentations, panels, cultural events, expositions, and musical performances. 

To continue promoting culture and art throughout the community, the university will host a series of special events during the course of the year that will be organized by students, faculty, and other local leaders to continue developing the themes introduced at the festival. These events, which will include workshops, panels, presentations and expositions, will take place at the university, but also in other cultural venues throughout the city and region. 

The goal of this work is to support culture and art not only throughout the university, but throughout the community. More information about the festival can be found at: facebook.com/pages/FUSCA-Festival-Unifacs-de-Sustentabilidade-Cultura-e-Arte.