UNIFACS Graduate Wins Prestigious Award for Dissertation - Laureate

UNIFACS Graduate Wins Prestigious Award for Dissertation

“Organizational Learning and its Modalities: A Glimpse of Managers in Training Programs”, a master’s thesis by Marcos Gilberto dos Santos, won the Belmiro Siqueira Award sponsored by the Brazillian Federal Administration Council. Gilberto dos Santos’ dissertation was the result of research focused on understanding the development of managerial skills through formal and informal training initiatives.

“During the project, I identified the interpersonal skills that managers can develop from mentoring programs, whether formal or spontaneous. I also identified that political skills are more important in the current business context and can be developed in casual and unplanned interactions and conversations and contacts inside and outside the work environment,” said Gilberto dos Santos.

As winner of the Belmiro Siqueira Award, Marcos received a trophy and 6,000 Brazilian Reais. Gilberto dos Santos started in the undergraduate retail management degree program at UNIFACS in 2005, then completed an MBA and a master in management in 2014. In addition to winning this award, Gilberto dos Santos also had an award-winning article included in the largest gathering of graduate studies in the country, Enangrad. “My plan is to go for a doctorate and continue working in education and research in the area of management,” said Gilberto dos Santos.