UNIFACS Alumni Win Design Competition

Working together, designers Emily Dias and Vivianne Pinto, recent graduates from the fashion design undergraduate degree program at UNIFACS, won the 2014 New Talent Competition, which was created by Shopping Barra. They will now organize a show of their work, inspired by Maria Bonita, at the SENAI Cimatec Convention Center during the Bahia Design Show.

One of the distinguishing features of the young designer’s work is the integration of traditional crochet techniques from Irecê, one of the regions of the state of Bahía. According to the young designers, the idea came about because they found the style to be beautiful, but underappreciated. “We saw the market’s lack of knowledge and thought we could create a solution to this issue. We identified women that were trained in this art and got them involved in our project,” they shared.

The goal was not only to win the competition, but to create an initiative that would help these skilled women find work while showing the beauty of this traditional art. The young designers spent a great deal of time working to understand the history of the technique and the materials needed for it to truly reach its potential. “Through this analysis, we were able to introduce alternate techniques and materials that we think bring this style to a more contemporary audience,” they said.

According to the young designers, the education they received at UNIFACS was crucial to their current success. “The fashion design program, which we recently completed, gave us the theoretical and practical training we needed to make this initiative a success. It truly opened new doors of knowledge for us.”