UNAB Recognized by the Barometer of Higher Education Among Chile’s Top Five Universities

According to a recent survey of student perceptions of Chile’s universities, Universidad Andrés Bello was the fifth best perceived university in the country. The survey was conducted by MORI (Market & Opinion Research International) in 2014 and surveyed 1,200 high school students.

In response to the question “what are the best universities in Chile, based on what you have heard and know?” 14 percent responded that UNAB was the top. Universidad de Chile, Universidad Católica, Universidad de Santiago and Universidad de Concepción occupied the top four spots in the survey.

Among private universities, UNAB was considered to be the best university in the country by 30 percent of participants, followed by Universidad del Desarrollo (19 percent), Universidad Diego Portales (19 percent), Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez (15 percent), Universidad Mayor (14 percent) and Universidad Santo Tomás (12 percent).