UNAB Professor Selected to Join Royal Society of Medicine

Dr. Luis Burzio, a biological sciences professor at Universidad Andrés Bello (UNAB) in Chile, has been selected to join the Royal Society of Medicine (RSM) based in London, whose purpose is to promote an exchange of information and ideas on the science, practice, and organization of medicine around the world.

The Royal Society of Medicine, founded in 1805, has previously selected internationally recognized scientists including Charles Darwin, Louis Pasteur, Edward Jenner, and Sigmund Freud to its list of accomplished fellows.

Dr. Burzio has become globally recognized for his contributions to the fight against cellular cancer, amongst many other areas of research. He and his team are currently conducting clinical trials in the United States with a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved drug that corresponds to molecules, generally known as non-coding RNAs.

Amongst his long-term colleagues, Dr. Burzio counts Dr. Jaime Villages, Dr. Verónica Burzio, Dr. Claudio Villota, Dr. Lorena Lobos, and Dr. Vincenzo Borgno, in addition to other collaborators, and doctoral and master’s students who are currently studying biotechnology at UNAB.

Dr. Burzio has been a professor at UNAB since 2002 and is currently teaching PhD courses in biotechnology, while teaching lab courses and seminars with master’s and PhD students. He is also a professor and researcher of the Science and Life Foundation and Scientific Direct of Andes Biotechnologies SpA.