UDLA Chile Veterinary Medicine Students Assisted Over 13,000 Animal Patients in 2018

In 2018, students and faculty of the Universidad de las Américas (UDLA Chile) Veterinary Medicine program conducted over 115 animal health events in rural and urban communities across Chile, including Talagante, El Monte, Los Andes, Providencia, La Florida, Viña del Mar, Tumbe, Lampa and San José de Maipo. In these events, the UDLA team provided medical care to 13,438 dogs, cats, cows, horses, sheep, and goats.

The services provided to the animal community included antirabies vaccination, external and internal deworming in small and older animals, as well as education services to members of the community on responsible ownership and preventive care.

“During these activities of service to the community our students work as a team to learn how to perform different medical procedures and solve problems under pressure. It is also a great opportunity for our faculty to model the skills and empathy required to communicate adequately with owners and animals,”

said Karen Valenzuela, Community Engagement Coordinator of the UDLA School of Veterinary Medicine.

One of the core components of the success of the program is the dedicated faculty who guide the professional and human development of their student in a real-life setting with real animals and owners. The UDLA School of Veterinary Medicine acknowledges the tremendous contribution of faculty members Claudio Camus, Fabián Zuñiga, Maria Elena Peters, Evelyn Valdes, Rodrigo Santana, Claudia Barrera, and Ambar Echague.