UDLA Chile Students Complete Two-Week Academic Internship at UVM Mexico

In September, 18 UDLA students traveled to Mexico for a two-week internship at Universidad del Valle de México (UVM Mexico). The students were recipients of the Laureate International Scholarship for Academic Excellence, which provides students with international professional experiences.

The students belong to the areas of Civil Industrial Engineering, Commercial Engineering and Digital Animation. Also traveling with the group were UDLA faculty members Cristián Freire and Alfonso Vega. Upon returning to Chile, three of the students have shared with us the highlights of their international experience at UVM Mexico.

“UVM Mexico showed a great organization which could be seen by the fact that the teachers were very prepared and showed great interest in getting to know us and the culture of Chile. I learned new animation techniques that complemented the skills we had learned at UDLA. Definitely for me the main takeaway from this experience was the union and support among the student group. I would totally recommend this experience!”

Valeria Aravena, Digital Animation student

“This experience was truly unforgettable! I can truly say that I am no longer the same person I was before the internship. Everyone in Mexico was really kind to us. From the start I knew that the faculty were experts in their fields. They motivated us to create businesses and learn how to use technology to innovate any market we want. I am thankful to the university for this opportunity.”

Aracely Bravo, Civil Industrial Engineering student

“The experience in Mexico helped me learn about a different culture and points of view, as well as strengthened and increased my knowledge, both academic and personal. These international experiences help you grow in the most amazing way. Besides growing my knowledge of Marketing and International Business, I am also very proud of belonging to a great network such as Laureate.”

María Ignacia Arellano, Civil Industrial Engineering student