Two All-female Teams from MDS AdSchool are Awarded the 2014 Marsden Inch Scholarship

The Marsden Inch Scholarship, an integral incentive for AdSchool students wanting to break into the advertising industry has been awarded to Julie Koch and Tania Menzies, both of whom have picked up an array of awards over the past year including two International Crowbar Student Awards and The Student Newspaper Ad of the Year. They are also shortlisted for the 2015 Student Axis award.

Jeneal Rohrback, Marsden Inch partner, said that the teams are assessed on three key criteria: talent, grit and personality. Creative advertising program leader Kate Humphries, was thrilled by these results, “This is quite an achievement in a single year and reflects the hard work and effort they have put into the course, and they’ve done it all whilst being decent and lovely people to have around,” she says.

This year, Marsden Inch created a second scholarship, the Inch Perfect Award, which was awarded to the most improved team. This prize was also awarded to an all-female team, Liz Henwood and Lowri Pountain.