Ten Entrepreneurs Will Receive Support from the New Incubator at Universidad Europea - Laureate

Ten Entrepreneurs Will Receive Support from the New Incubator at Universidad Europea

Ten entrepreneurs have been selected to participate in the HUB Emprende initiative (Entrepreneurship Hub) at Universidad Europea during the next five months. The new center, created at the university’s newest campus in Alcobendas, will seek to promote entrepreneurship among students and society at large. 

This second group of entrepreneurs were selected by a jury composed of leading local entrepreneurs and representatives from the government of Alcobendas and from Universidad Europea. The students will receive specialized guidance and development opportunities focused on helping make their projects a success.

María Alcolea, the director of HUB Emprende, confirmed the selection process was difficult given the number of great projects. She indicated that the new class of entrepreneurs will be mentored by the first class of entrepreneurs. “During the month, 20 different entrepreneurs will complete development opportunities, and share ideas and contacts. We continue to grow the initative based on the experience we are gaining through the program,” she added. 

Winning projects: 

  • Bablelia is a consumer application that provides access to language professors all over the world. 
  • Riden Road is a learning platform designed for motorcyclists. 
  • Ocio is an online entertainment guide for families with young children 
  • HAP (Human Affinity Platform) is a mobile app that will help people connect to others with similar tastes and interests. 
  • Whimbe is an online platform for sending and receiving gifts. It will allow users to create lists of their likes and desires, while being able to access the lists of others. 
  • EcomNext is a marketing tool that leverages modern technologies to provide guidance to small firms. 
  • BankAdvisor isa platform that helps consumers rate their bank and receive offers for sharing their feedback. 
  • Arexla is a technology that facilitates the superimposing of designed images in interactive environments. 
  • Social Bets is a mobile app that facilitates the purchase of lottery tickets. 
  • Yupishare is a service that facilitates the renting and leasing of parking spaces.