Students from Universidade Potiguar Recognized at 21st Congress of Communication Sciences

Student teams from Universidade Potiguar (UnP) received twelve awards during the 21st Congress of Communication Sciences (Intercom) hosted in Rio Grande do Norte. With these victories, the cinema, graphic design, and advertising programs at UnP have reaffirmed themselves among the top programs in the Northeast.

Intercom is the largest event in the region focused on bringing students and their professors together to share their latest work. “The School of Communication Arts at Universidade Potiguar has a proud tradition of participating in and winning at Intercom. The results from this year show the strong progress in the advertising program, the great work in our journalism program, the potential we see in graphic design, and the quality of our cinema program, which recently was recognized by the MEC with four awards from five possible categories,” said Valéria Credidio, director of the School of Communication.

One of the winners was Ericson Alexandre, a student in the seventh semester of advertising, who was part of the groups that took first place. “There are a number of high quality academic projects here that need to be shared. Each year UnP is bringing more and more of us to this important competition and more of us are winning. I think all institutions should be participating in these events,” said Alexandre.

The students who were recognized in the regional Intercom now will move on to the national Intercom, which will take place from September 1-5 in Foz do Iguaçu, in Paraná.

UnP will host Intercom Northeast 2015 

Director Valéria Credidio confirmed that UnP will host the 2015 regional Intercom. “We are going to host and we are very happy to have this opportunity, which will take place as we recognize the 21st anniversary of our School of Communication, a pioneer in the region with programs in public relations and advertising. We are working to organize an excellent meeting for all the important groups that participate in this annual event.” 

The full list of UnP student teams that were recognized at Intercom Northeast can be found on the university’s website: