Students and Professors from Media Design School Win Big at the 2015 New Zealand Best Awards

The Best Design Awards are described as New Zealand’s annual showcase of excellence in graphic, spatial, product and interactive design. The awards are judged by an array of domestic and international industry professionals and each discipline has both professional and student categories, both emerging and established. This year, two students, one professor and one alumnus were recognized in different categories of the competition:

Corey Wakelin McDonald won gold in the best interactive design category for students for Reapercussions. In his film, a tiny, unlucky reaper loses his scythe blade and must now muster up all his strength and intelligence to guide the souls to their final resting place.

Gerhardt Reibstirn won silver in the best student interactive design category for his film, Fawn. In his film, a small mushroom-like creature sprouts from the ground, embarking on a challenging journey to release his spores and complete his life cycle.

James Hall won bronze in the best interactive design category for students for Impasse. In his film, a lone drifter trudges through a desert canyon, injured and thirsty. He must overcome a standoff with a ragged scumbag to quench his dying thirst. The two square off, and the scumbag soon finds out who he is really up against.

James Cunningham won bronze in the moving images category for professionals for Shelved, which is the story of two bumbling robots who are bored by their dead-end jobs, until they realize they are about to be replaced!