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Stamford opens Bloomberg Lab to prepare students for Big Data

The amount of data flowing around the globe is increasing at an exponential rate. The upsurge of social media, shared media, and the Internet of Things means that this rise will be a major trend for the foreseeable future. The ability to analyze huge amounts of data, “Big Data”, will be a key element for nearly all aspects of future business. While some industries and sectors will be relatively new to this need to sift through data, there are some experts, such as Economists, who have a huge head start as they have been creating tools and systems to analyze data at local, national and international levels.

With the right tools and training, Big Data can be unlocked and the underlying trends and information can be used to a business’s advantage. Stamford International University in Bangkok has teamed up with Bloomberg to equip the next generation of students with the expertise of Bloomberg’s financial analytical techniques and equipment. Graduates with a skill-set that grant them the ability to see future market developments will be in high demand as companies across the business spectrum embrace the possibilities of big data and the competitive edge it can provide.

Mr. Lee Miller, Editor-at-Large for Bloomberg News and Pulitzer Prize nominee for his series “Bangkok, Busting at the Seams”, visited Stamford on 7th April to see the opening of a Bloomberg Lab – the first of its kind in a Thai University. He discussed the stock market and how to evaluate current market trends by reading the vast amount of available data. The lab consists of dozen professional grade Bloomberg Terminals, allowing students to get hands-on experience with the tools financial experts use to analyze entire markets.

Dr Andrew Scown, the President of Stamford said that the university “has collaborated with a number of organizations and will continue to do so in order to provide students real-life experience and enhance their skills to meet industry needs. With the Bloomberg Lab, we have become the first university in Thailand to provide full-scale Bloomberg terminals, where students can learn about the capital market on a real-time basis.”

The ability to be at the forefront of big data analysis is an example of the sort of real-world skills Stamford provides for it students. It is part of the university’s recently unveiled ‘4-I’ model. Dr Scown explains: “The 4-I model comprises the core elements of Interactive Learning, Industry Linkage, International Perspective, and Integrity.” Stamford is part of the Laureate University Network, which operates 80 universities across 28 countries worldwide,giving the university the ability to maximize employment outcomes for students by partnering with international organizations like Bloomberg.

Exposure to big data analysis and programs like Business Intelligence are Stamford’s way of preparing students for the current, and future, world of business.