Spotlight on the 2016 Here for Good Awards - Laureate

Spotlight on the 2016 Here for Good Awards

The Here for Good Awards recognize exceptional examples throughout our network of the Here for Good Spirit in action, celebrating those connected to our organization, whether student, graduate, faculty or staff, who are committed to creating positive social impact in their community and world. Annually, one winner and nine honorees are selected and featured in our Global Impact Report.

The honorees and winner represent the very best of our network, individuals who have committed themselves to changing their communities, often impacting entire systems and countries through their efforts. The role of Laureate institutions in supporting this type of work is undeniable, and many of these stories would be incomplete without the vital support of network institutions.

From a student in Costa Rica impacting women’s lives through micro-enterprise to a graduate in Peru working to solve the blood bank crisis to an acid attack survivor in India bringing recovery services and newfound hope to other survivors, this year’s honorees are truly remarkable. Their stories can be found here.

Our 2016 winner is Ganesh Muren, an engineering student at INTI International University & Colleges in Malaysia who has developed a solar-powered water purification system that is being used across Malaysia, where over a quarter of the population lacks access to safe drinking water. His invention allows rural residents to have a safe source of water for drinking and cooking, avoiding water-borne diseases that are a major cause of death in the country. Ganesh has received investment and support from major players in Malaysia and abroad, and hopes to impact over 10,000 households by the end of 2018.

You can read his full story here, and watch the video about his work below.