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Universidad Privada del Norte (UPN)

Founded in 1994, Universidad Privada del Norte (UPN) was founded to make quality education more accessible to Peruvian youth. UPN has over 75,000 students on campuses in Trujillo, Cajamarca, and Lima enrolled in traditional undergraduate, postgraduate, and working adult programs in architecture, business, communications, engineering, health, and law. Since its creation, UPN has been committed to maintaining high academic standards, with world-class labs and an academic infrastructure that meet international standards. These standards are reflected in UPN’s high employability, with 90% graduates employed and 89% working in their chosen profession.

UPN has institutional accreditation by the National Supeintendency of Higher Education (SUNEDU) for all its campuses and programs, with 13 programs accredited by SINEACE and two by ICACIT. For additional information about UPN’s academic programs, visit their website.





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