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From the Laboratory to Saving Lives

Given the limited availability of health equipment necessary to treat COVID-19 in Honduras, a team of engineers and health sciences professionals from UNITEC has designed a mechanical lung ventilator prototype that can be produced using 3D printers.

Preliminary testing has confirmed the device’s efficacy in providing respiratory assistance to COVID-19 patients.

The estimated production cost of the ventilator is around US$3,000, while commercial units with similar specifications cost upwards of US$25,000.

The first series of 40 ventilators will be manufactured with supplies currently available in the local market and funded by local organizations.

The manufacture of these devices will allow the institution to address the demand of the country’s health system in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The prototype was developed in UNITEC’s Biomedical Engineering lab by biomedical engineers, Oscar Cruz and Roger Banegas, and mechatronic engineer, Edgar Rueda.

“At UNITEC, we are very proud of this team. Their talent, knowledge and unwavering desire to serve others helped them overcome every obstacle the project faced,” said Rosalpina Rodriguez, UNITEC Honduras CEO.

Thank you to the UNITEC team, and our other students and faculty members who inspire us and embody Laureate’s spirit to transform lives and create an enduring impact, even during these difficult times. They are our Laureate Heroes.