Rosa Moraes Named 21st Chair in the Brazilian Academy of Gastronomy

Earlier this year, Rosa Moraes, Laureate Brazil’s Director of Hospitality and Culinary Arts and the head of Communications and Public Relations, was enthroned as a titular academic at the 21st chair of the Brazilian Gastronomy Academy. She is honored with the remarkable recognition for her contribution to training chefs in Brazil. Among other accomplishments, Moraes implemented the first Culinary Arts curriculum as a degree program at the Universidad Anhembi Morumbi in 1999 as well as another seven schools in the Laureate Brazil network

The Brazilian Gastronomy Academy is an autonomous cultural non-profit organization founded in 2001.  Its mission is to preserve, promote and evolve Brazil’s regionally diverse gastronomic culture including its traditions, practices, techniques, ingredients, uses and discoveries. The Brazilian Gastronomy Academy is a titular voting member of the International Gastronomy Academy in Paris.