Professora da UNIFACS é premiada em festival internacional de propaganda

Milene Moura, a UNIFACS communications professor, won the Bronze Lion at the Cannes Lions Health 2015, for her work in outdoor media with Agência Revolution. 

Professor Moura said she hopes the award will help motivate her students. “I focus on the area of media planning in my teaching, which often does not generate the same level of excitement as creating media. I hope this award shows the importance of planning as well as creating in the communication process. I am really honored to have received this recognition for my work and hope it will lead some of my students to focus on this part of the industry,” said Moura. 

The project that Moura was recognized for is titled “Keep Out Of Children’s Reach” and was created for the FarmáciasSantana/BrasilPharma network to bring attention to the issue of accidental consumption of medicines by children.