Positive Leadership Global 90/90 Challenge Exceeds Expectations Across the Network

As a company, our greatest asset is our people and our teams – remarkable human talent is one of our key differentiators. Our global Positive Leadership initiative seeks to foster an environment where our people can succeed and thrive to produce the best possible results for our students, faculty, and staff. In early June, more than 40 Positive Leadership Champions from across the Laureate network gathered in Miami to share best practices, challenges, and develop a strategy for the next stage of this initiative.

Beginning in February 2018, the ambitious 90/90 challenge sought to expose 90% of our network to the framework and values of Positive Leadership in 90 days. In these first 90 days, we exceeded our initial target, reaching 96% of the Laureate network. Over 115,352 hours of Positive Leadership training were delivered. Across the network, teams gathered to talk about creating a positive environment, showing gratitude to colleagues, recognizing the contributions of others, all while living the spirit of Here for Good. The Champions also heard from senior leaders across Laureate, who reaffirmed their commitment to the Positive Leadership Movement.

In addition to sharing best practices, the Positive Leadership Champions developed plans for the next phase of our journey – embedding positive leadership practices into every aspect of our culture. Each team has identified the key priorities based on their country and institutions priorities. Stay tuned for the exciting next phase of this important initiative!