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Walden University Holds Speaker Series to Celebrate Women’s History Month


Walden University

Faculty members highlight remarkable female leaders who inspired them to be agents of change

In celebration of National Women’s History Month, Walden University will hold an online speaker series to commemorate the achievements of women—past and present—who have transformed the world with their vision and courage. Every Wednesday evening in March, Walden faculty members will share remarkable stories and accomplishments of women leaders who have advanced their professions and inspired them personally to do the same.

“This speaker series is part of a proud tradition at Walden of promoting the power of positive social change,” said Dr. Cynthia Baum, president of Walden University. “By recognizing exceptional female leaders, we hope to inspire a new generation of women to acquire the skills and knowledge to make an impact on future generations in communities around the world.”

Congress first passed a resolution 25 years ago to dedicate the month of March to celebrating the unique contributions of women in history. The webinars will continue that tradition and feature the following Walden faculty and inspiring female leaders:

Wednesday, March 7, 7–8 p.m. Eastern time Register Today

  • Dr. Annie Shibata, School of Management, discusses Susan B. Anthony
  • Dr. Vanda Marques, School of Management, discusses Meg Whitman
  • Dr. Lulu Williamson, College of Undergraduate Studies, discusses bell hooks

Wednesday, March 14, 7–8 p.m. Eastern time Register Today

  • Dr. Andrea Lindell, School of Nursing, discusses Dr. Loretta Ford
  • Dr. Regina Galer-Unti, School of Health Sciences, discusses Dr. Dorothy Nyswander
  • Margaret Skelton, School of Health Sciences, discusses Abbey Meyers

Wednesday, March 21, 7–8 p.m. Eastern time Register Today

  • Dr. Nina Nabors, School of Psychology, discusses Dr. Beverly Greene
  • Dr. Tiffany Rush-Wilson, School of Counseling and Social Service, discusses Dr. Becky Thompson
  • Dr. Ivonne Chirino-Klevans, Center for International Programs, discusses Dr. Darla Deardorff

Wednesday, March 28, 7–8 p.m. Eastern time Register Today

  • Dr. Suzanne James, The Richard W. Riley College of Education and Leadership, discusses Sister Anne Joachim Moore
  • Dr. Christine Jax, The Richard W. Riley College of Education and Leadership, discusses Vivian Gussin Paley
  • Dr. Anne Hacker, School of Public Policy and Administration, discusses Mary Parker Follett

Registered participants are encouraged to submit questions throughout the webinar, which may be answered during the last 15 minutes following the moderated panel discussion.

To register for a webinar and learn more about participating Walden faculty members, visit