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Walden University holds International Academic Residency at Universidad Europea de Madrid’s Villaviciosa de Odon Campus


Madrid Visit

Between August 21 and 27, Walden University held their 2010 International Academic Residency at the Villaviciosa de Odon Campus of Universidad Europea de Madrid (UEM). Walden’s 2010 Residency included more than 175 participants from around the world that are enrolled in Walden’s Ph.D and D.B.A programs. Residency programs are a key part of Walden’s doctoral programs and are designed to help students achieve four specific goals:

  1. Socialization into the Walden community of scholars,
  2. Development of research skills,
  3. Attainment of doctoral-level scholarship, and
  4. Opportunity to conduct research directed toward Walden’s mission of positive social change.

Every student participates in either a Ph.D. Milestone Seminar or D.B.A. Seminar that focuses on these four goals as they relate to each phase of the doctoral journey. The residency also provides multiple opportunities to participate in sessions that relate to student needs—skills sessions on research and writing for doctoral work; individual advising sessions with faculty members and the Academic Advising Team; and special topics, such as guest speakers, literature reviews and time management.

The residencies are interdisciplinary, providing opportunities for students to network with other students with similar research interests and/or who are approaching research questions from different disciplinary perspectives. Colleges hold two colloquia focused on creating a network with others in their discipline and specialization and thinking critically about issues raised during the plenary session. Shared thoughts and ideas from the plenary session and colloquia provide multiple perspectives that encourage understanding of the opportunities and challenges within our local and global communities.

This year one of the key highlights of the Academic Residency was a speech delivered by the President of Universidad Europea de Madrid and Laureate’s Mediterranean Region, Dr. Miguel Carmelo. Dr. Carmelo, who has held leadership roles in management and marketing with Unilever and earned a PhD in Economics, focused his speech on:

  • Highlighting the characteristics of the European Union and the Eurozone and how it compares with the United States
  • Explaining the history of the formation of the European Union and the creation of its common currency, the Euro
  • Providing an overview of Spain as a country within the European Union
  • Explaining the European Education System with special regard to the new European Higher Education Area (the Bologna Process)
  • Sharing information on Universidad Europea de Madrid and the role it plays in Laureate’s international network

This exciting collaboration between two of the leading institutions in Laureate International Universities network is a great example of the value our network brings to students around the world every day.