Kendall College and PRO ECUADOR to Debut “Ecuadorian Week” on Campus


Kendall College Debuts English Language Institute

Kendall College and PRO ECUADOR will transform Kendall’s campus into an Ecuadorian themed hot spot, with an Ecuadorian gastronomy demo and networking reception, a VIP dinner with Ecuador Ambassador Nathalie Cely Suárez, an Ecuadorian episode of The Dining Room’s “Monday Night Dining Series” and Ecuadorian themed menus in the school’s cafeteria.

“We’re thrilled to be partners with PRO ECUADOR to bring this unique experience to our campus and our students,” says Kendall College president Emily Williams Knight. “Bringing a rich, cultural experience to our campus is what Kendall is all about and that’s reflected in our growing number of international students.”

Chef Carlos Gallardo, along with six other instructors and several students from another Laureate institution, Universidad de Las Américas in Quito, Ecuador, will headline the events of the week with a demonstration of recipes of Ecuadorian origin. Guests of the event will sample the recipes and participate in a question and answer session with the chefs to discuss how they will be able to incorporate these influences into the kitchen.

“PRO ECUADOR, the official agency to promote Ecuadorian exports and attract investments to Ecuador, is delighted initiate this series of events known as 'Semana del Ecuador/Week of Ecuador' in the Windy City, with the presence of our ambassador, H.E. Nathalie Cely, and the executive director of PRO ECUADOR, thanks to the strategic partnership with Kendall College and its sister school in Ecuador, UDLA,” says trade commissioner of Ecuador in Chicago, Borys Mejia. “Our goal is to promote the greatness and excellence of Ecuadorian gastronomy and to raise awareness about our beautiful Ecuador, the most diverse country in the planet and the 'Week of Ecuador' will provide the best platform to accomplish them both.”