Kendall College Again Chicago’s No. 1 for a Career in Hospitality and Culinary Arts

Graduates are prepared and professional, making them the top choice by hiring professionals


Kendall College Again Chicago’s No. 1 for a Career in Hospitality and Culinary Arts

Kendall College reaffirms its ranking as the No. 1 Chicago school for preparing students for a career in hospitality management and culinary arts. The rankings are the result of a survey of top hiring professionals in Chicago by industry market research firm Taylor Nelson Sofres (TNS) Global.

“We’re thrilled that we’ve consistently held the No. 1 spot in Chicago,” said Emily Williams Knight, president of Kendall College. “Chicago is a global hub in the hospitality and culinary industries, giving our students an ideal opportunity to practice their craft in a competitive and international environment. We are proud to offer a curriculum and internships that prepare our graduates for success in their careers.”

Mayor Rahm Emanuel has established a goal of making Chicago a top global tourist destination by 2020. In response, the city’s hospitality industry is growing rapidly, as is the demand for professionals with the preparation and international skills of Kendall graduates.  Within the hospitality industry, employment opportunities for graduates with expertise in culinary arts are the fastest-growing according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Helping Mayor Emanuel achieve his tourism goals for the City is Don Welsh, president and CEO of Choose Chicago. Welsh notes that Kendall students continue to make a positive impact in the city.  “I’ve become a big, big fan of Kendall over the last few years. What the students and faculty have done for our city and the hospitality industry has just been incredible. The job opportunities in this city will be growing and the students will leverage what they learned at Kendall to take their careers to the next level.”

The curriculum at Kendall College emphasizes a global, real-world perspective. Additionally, more than 1,400 students participate in Kendall Culinary Certificate programs at 16 affiliate campuses around the world.  For example:

  • Global cuisine is core to the culinary arts curriculum. Students participate in culinary immersions with visiting chefs, such as Beverly Kim in 2013, who finished a strong fourth in Top Chef Season 9, becoming the first ever winner of Last Chance Kitchen.
  • Culinary students gain valuable experience in three dining areas on campus – a Michelin-recommended public fine dining restaurant, a quick service restaurant and the school café.
  • Hospitality management students have the opportunity to study in seven concentrations. A Beverage Management concentration was introduced in April along with a new partnership with the Siebel Institute of Technology, a World Brewing Academy offering courses in brewing, beer styles, distilling and other areas of fermented beverage technology. A Sports Management Concentration launched in July in partnership with Spain’s soccer club Real Madrid International School, recently listed by Forbes Magazine as “the most valuable soccer team in the world,” and the Universidad Europea  (UE), a member of LIU. Kendall is the only U.S. academic institution to partner with this world-famous organization.
  • Hospitality students can also earn a Glion Advanced Certificate in International Hospitality Management, giving them a unique multi-cultural perspective as well as a highly-respected international credential to help compete in an increasingly global marketplace.

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