Pilar Armanet Recognized by Universidad Privada del Norte

Academic Vice Rector from Universidad de Las Américas recognized as an Honorary Professor


Pilar Armanet Recognized by Universidad Privada del Norte

On August 27th, the Academic Vice Rector of Universidad de Las Américas, Pilar Armanet, was recognized as an Honorary Professor by Universidad Privada del Norte (UPN). The ceremony took place at UPN’s Olivos campus. The distinction was delivered to Pilar Armanet by Andrés Velarde Talleri, UPN’s Rector, in recognition of her distinguished professional and academic background and for being a member of Laureate’s international higher education community.

"Today, I am truly grateful to be given the great honor of the title of Honorary Professor bestowed upon me by Universidad Privada del Norte," said Armanet upon receiving the distinction. During her speech, Armanet referred to the importance of higher education in the region. "Every day it becomes clearer that higher education is the only instrument that can overcome poverty, beyond merely closing gaps, it can create positive changes in less than a generation."

She also stressed how discrimination in access to higher education has created great inequality, at a national level, in both Chile and Peru. "For years, university education in our countries was reserved for the elite and, as such, inequality was perpetuated. In the case of Chile, we know that, on average, a person entering the labor market with a university degree will earn a salary that is four-times higher than an individual who has only finished secondary education. In other words, today’s students can be earning a salary that is four-times greater than their parents."

A commitment to quality is at the forefront of this academic leader’s goals; from teachers to programs and teaching methodologies but also to the dreams of the new generation. "Remembering Martin Luther King, I also have a dream that young Chileans and Peruvians will be able to build a better future together. I believe that we at UPN and UDLA can and must work to make that dream a reality."

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