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UPN graduates receive award for excellence


UPN graduates receive award for excellence

Graduates from the Business Administration and Industrial Engineering programs at UPN receive the Prima AFP Excellence Award*

In recognition of their excellent grades, and their work to successfully complete their degree programs, eight Universidad Privada del Norte graduates received the Prima AFP Excellence Award. This is the third year in a row UPN graduates have been recognized by this award.

Each year highlights the performance of two new professionals for careers in Business Administration, Economics and Industrial Engineering from the major universities. This year, Claudia Zegarra, Ivonne Florez, Rosa Hidalgo, Abril López from Business Administration, Catherine Alva, Eduardo Tejada, Katherine Ascurra, José Ramírez from Industrial Engineering, from the 2009-2 and 2010-1 academic cycles, were recognized.

The winners, who were recognized at an event in Lima, Peru on November 17th, were awarded scholarships for graduate level studies at prestigious schools in Peru. This way they will eventually have the opportunity to be part of the companies that support this initiative.

With this recognition UPN confirms the quality of its teaching today, which prepares students for graduate programs at Peru’s leading schools. Guillermo Sánchez Hernández, UPN’s Academic Vice President, said that future graduates will continued to be represented in future editions of the award, giving them greater opportunities to achieve professional success.

(*) Prima AFP is a prestegious Peruvian company that administers pension funds and is part of Credicorp, SA., one of the most important economic groups in the country