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School of Dentistry at Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas Wins Award

Students and faculty receive two awards from the Dentistry Research Conference in Mexico


School of Dentistry at Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas Wins Award

The 21st National and 12th Iberoamerican Conference on Dental Research took place in late November in Mexico City, Mexico. This annual event included participants from 64 universities from throughout the region that presented more than 232 projects.

The School of Dentistry from Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC) participated with five research projects presented by undergraduate students. Two UPC faculty members served as well on juries for the competitions in the master's and doctoral degree categories. The faculty members included Leslie Casas (Research Professor) and José Ñaupari (Coordinator of the Periféricas Clinic). The students included: Leia Maccagno and Arnaldo Munive (Epidemiology), Flavia La Rocca Chiappe (Clinical Research), Margot Palacios (Open Research), and María del Carmen de Lama (Basic Research).

After a rigorous evaluation from the jury, the students from UPC’s School of Dentistry were notified that they had won two categories. Leia Maccagno took first place in the National Society of Dental Research (SNIO – Sociedad Nacional de Investigación Odontológica) category, out of 34 total projects presented. Flavia La Rocca took second place in her category, out of 24 projects presented.

Through this competition, the students had access to a new and exciting opportunity in international research. They spent two months preparing their projects and benefited from the support and assistance of their fellow students, faculty members and the leadership of the university.

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