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Students from UPC's Faculty of Economics earned the largest number of seats for BCRP courses


Alumnos Economia ganadores de la beca BCRP

In October, the Central Bank of Peru (Banco Central de Reserva del Perú - BCRP) published the list of university students who were accepted into their Advanced Extension Courses in Economics and Finance. These are the most prestigious extension programs in the country in Economics and Finance, and are an important benchmark for those institutions whose students have earned a seat.

Eight students from UPC's Faculty of Economics were selected to participate in these courses in 2012. Students selected for the course in Economics include: Melisa González Gagliuffi, José Andrés Martino Chávez, Claudia Midolo Okuyama and María Fernanda Rodríguez Melgar. Students selected for the course in Finance are: José Daniel Hoyos Mori, Edward Sánchez Veramendi, Oscar Salazar Ramírez and Renzo Yllanes Fernández.

UPC was not only recognized as the institution sending the largest number of students into these prestigious programs from all universities in Peru, but was also the first university to ever send this many students into these prestigious programs.