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Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC) hosts 14th National Education Congress


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Committed to raising the quality of Peru's educational system, Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC) and Colegios Peruanos are working together to host the 14th National Education Conference from August 2nd through August 4th. The theme of the National Education Conference is "Innovative Practices for the future of education". Through this flagship educational conference, which takes place each year, UPC will be providing a space for professional development for teachers from across the country.

The fast pace of contemporary society and the increasing integration of new technologies in all areas of human endeavor requires us to reflect on the influence and impact this has on education. In this new context, teachers are called on to be agents of change, having to adapt to changes and become educators with new capabilities and challenges, in short, innovative educators.

Therefore, through this conference, UPC and Colegios Peruanos will provide new insights into innovative tools and practices that teachers must possess to meet current and emerging challenges, mainly to prepare for the education of tomorrow.

This meeting hopes to welcome, as in previous years, more than a thousand educators from all levels of the country's education system to participation in scheduled 22 discussions, 26 workshops and 3 large plenary sessions, addressing such topics as "The use of ICTs as a means to ensure learning", "The development of skills in the learning process", "New learning environments in the twenty-first century", among many other cutting edge topics.

The plenary sessions will be delivered by renowned national and international speakers, among them Erika Twani, Director of Education at Microsoft; Jonathan Golergant, General Director of the Interbank Group's Corporate University, and Julio Fontán, Founder of SERF Fontán Schools.

The National Education Conference is aimed at directors and teachers from early childhood, primary, secondary and higher level education institutions as well as educational policy administrators and psychologists, as well as alumni and students majoring in Education and Psychology in Peru.

For more information and registration, call 313-3333 Annex 1312, or write to Also, please visit the conference's website