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UPC Opens New Health Sciences Teaching Clinic


UPC Opens New Health Sciences Teaching Clinic

In March 2011, the school of health sciences at Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC) opened its new teaching clinic for dental services. The clinic offers patients dental care services from UPC dental students under the direction of experienced faculty members.

The clinic features the latest in dental technology, modern sterilization tools and procedures to ensure patient safety and broad professional support after patient evaluation and diagnosis.

The UPC dental clinic will also offer:

  • Direct student supervision by UPC faculty members and leading academic specialists. Faculty members oversee procedures and are responsible for specialized treatment of patients.
  • Advanced digital radiography that generates less radiation than conventional radiography and allows patients to receive a digital record of their x-ray evaluation by email.
  • Digital technology and specialized software in all operational and administrative areas to ensure immediate and personalized attention for patients and access to and management of patient information.
  • A simulation room, unique in Peru, in which students can work on synthetic teeth that accurately duplicate the anatomical characteristics of the human mouth, enabling them to develop sufficient skills before treating patients.