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Cibertec earns renewal of ICACIT International Certification

Cibertec is Peru’s first institute to earn ICACIT renewal


Cibertec earns renewal of ICACIT International Certification

Graduates from Cibertec’s Computer and Information Science program have the same opportunities for employment in international companies as their colleagues from other programs all over the world. This is possible thanks to the recertification granted by the Institute for Quality and Accreditation in Engineering and Technology (ICACIT) that have once again validated the quality and excellence of the curriculum, teaching staff and academic infrastructure associated with Cibertec’s degree program.

Enrique Alvarez Rodrich, Chairman of the Board of ICACIT, said that with the recertification of the programs delivered by Cibertec, Peru is part of the elite countries that can offer competitive technical professionals that a globalized world demands. "This reduces training costs for employers as initial training and management skills are incorporated in addition to the latest technological advances."

An internationally certified program represents a culture of continuous improvement that is reflected in the high level of student satisfaction and employability of graduates. "Businesses demand quality technicians, to increase productivity, modernize processes and successfully enter new markets," says Julio Olaya Cárdenas, Cibertec’s Academic Director.

Rodrich Alvarez says that higher education institutions need to demonstrate the level of quality of programs and graduates to the community. "Technical programs need to change quickly to adapt to technology that is constantly evolving and businesses require well-trained technicians. Accreditation helps ensure the quality of the professionals who graduate."

This article was originally written in Spanish and has been translated into English to be shared on the Laureate International Universities website.