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Oracle Recognizes Cibertec for the Fifth Year in a row as a National Leader in Training Information Technology Professionals



For the fifth consecutive year, Oracle University has recognized Cibertec as the Best Oracle Training Center after delivering the most courses to certified professionals. The recognition, which is part of Oracle Workforce Development Program Agreement (WDP), assesses the skills of instructors as well as support services for students.

Karina Pallete, head of educational agreements at Oracle University, said that Cibertec is known for its high level of training and innovation in programs such as Database Administration, Java Development and Business Intelligence. Additionally, the continuous renewal of the curriculum with Oracle applications on the market, such as E-Business Suite, positions Cibertec as the market leader in specialized education.

In recent years, more than 60% of certified professionals in the Oracle platform received training from an institution of higher education. Jorge Luis Cáceres Chávez, chief academic officer of the Division of Advanced Technology (DAT) at Cibertec says that demand for Oracle certification in the country is growing 20% annually for local and international companies operating in Peru that require professionals who are licensed in the technologies they will use and manage.

The finance, trade, mining and construction industries are currently the industries with the greatest demand for certified professionals, due to the variety of complex activities that need to be well managed. Cibertec is committed to developing future specialists for these demanding fields.