UNITEC Mexico students win ECO EXPO CIHAC 2012

Students take first Place in the "Manufacture and Use of Materials" category


UNITEC Mexico students win ECO EXPO CIHAC 2012

Ricardo Mendizábal and Rodolfo Huerta Garcia, students from Universidad Tecnológica de México (UNITEC), took first place in the Eco Expo CIHAC 2012. The Eco Expo CIHAC is an event that aims to recognize and develop best practices in sustainable and innovative construction products and technologies that help create habitable buildings that are environmentally friendly and also financially sound.

Dionisio Pérez Jácome, Secretary of Communications and Transport, presented the award to Ricardo and Rodolfo. Ricardo and Rodolfo’s project was supported by UNITEC’s incubator EcoEsfera. Their project, "Prefabricated Modular Green Roof", places EcoEsfera among leading innovators like Helvex, COMEX and Apasco, among others. "With this product we are innovating by making the rooftops into the lungs the city needs. While traditional roofing systems have many layers and are usually heavy and expensive, our system is composed of modular parts of one square meter, which provides environmental and economic benefits, "says Rodolfo Hurtado Garcia, project director and founding partner of EcoEsfera.

Other benefits of green roofs are that they are absorb sound and retain urban storm water, which prevents additional pressure from being placed on the sewer and drainage systems as well as keeping pollutants that are harmful to human health out of the water system.

The Eco Expo CIHAC is an event that brings together the major suppliers, the buyers with decision making authority and other major players in the construction industry. This year the event attracted 613 exhibitors and 63,000 visitors. There were three separate categories for the awards and the "Manufacture and Use of Materials" category, in which UNITEC’s students competed, received the highest number of registered projects, 40 in total.

The award the UNITEC students received also brings the recognition from Expo Eco CIHAC 2012, diffusion through its publications, and the right to bear the Eco CIHAC Award logo in marketing and communications.