12 UNITEC students recognized among the best in Mexico City by COPARMEX

12 of the top 100 university students, and the top overall, in Mexico City attend UNITEC


12 UNITEC students recognized among the best in Mexico City by COPARMEX

On November 13, 2012, the Confederación Patronal de la República Mexicana (COPARMEX) recognized the 100 best university students in the Federal District of Mexico City, 12 of which are students from Universidad Tecnológica de Mexico (UNITEC).

The awards were presented by Fernando Chavez Oscar Garcia, president of COPARMEX, and Marcelo Ebrard Casaubon, Mayor of Mexico City. Both leaders highlighted the efforts and dedication of the Top 100 University Students. The evaluation is based primarily on their skills, including: identifying and solving problems, communication, critical thinking and social responsibility.

The student who obtained the highest score in these tests was Carlos Ramirez Gonzalez of Business Administration from UNITEC, so COPARMEX selected him to represent the 100 Best College during the ceremony speech recognition.

"This award is an honor and a commitment, and we must show why we earned this and make sure to give back a little of what we have received. It is also the result of our own efforts and the support of our parents and the school to which we proudly belong," said Carlos Ramirez.

The rest of the winners agreed that this distinction was made possible by their tenacity and commitment, as well as the knowledge they acquire every day in UNITEC’s classrooms. The UNITEC students who were recognized among the top 100 unviersity students are:

  • Armando Suárez de la Concha, Computer Systems (UNITEC scholarship winner in the "The Power of Transformation" contest)
  • Andrés Rodrigo Esponda Rosas, Business Administration
  • Astrid Angulo Ramírez, Psychology
  • Carlos Ramírez González, Business Administration
  • Cynthia Hernández Villalobos, Psychology
  • Guillermo Muñoz Peña, Chemistry
  • Jessica Denise Carmona Medina, Accounting
  • Jimena Noriko Júarez, Law
  • Joana Idalí Campos Díaz, Psychology
  • Juan Carlos Sánchez Saenz, International Business
  • María Fernanda Guadalupe Campos Ruiz, Architecture
  • María Fernanda Leyva Alatriste, Pedagogy

Representing UNITEC Saul Romero Astorga, Divisional Director of Campus Cuitláhuac, attended the ceremony and received a diploma in recognition of the participation and performance of UNITEC students in this event.

This article was originally written in Spanish and has been translated into English to be shared on the Laureate International Universities website.