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Universidad del Valle de México Student Wins Bronze at INFOMATRIX 2014


Universidad del Valle de México Student Wins Bronze at INFOMATRIX 2014

A short film titled "A Better World," developed by Jorge Parra López, a sixth semester high school student from Universidad del Valle de Mexico’s Toluca campus, won the bronze medal at the South American INFOMATIX Computer Olympiad.

Seventy-two teams reached the finals in the olympiad and publicly presented their projects to the technology community at the Granados campus of Universidad de Las Américas in Quito, Ecuador.

López's film, "A Better World," is a story about the suffering of children who are victims of domestic violence, who are then assisted by a graduate from a social assistance institution, which allows them to resume their studies and be adopted by a family who provides them a better quality of life.

Student teams participate in categories that include programming, digital art, short films, animation and digital music. INFOMATRIX was organized by the Latin American Society of Science and Technology (SOLACYT), and is chaired by Fernando Guzman Muñoz and the Educare Group of Ecuador, with the support of the government of the province of Pichincha and the Ecuadorian Software Association.

"Representing my country and my university at this event and winning the bronze medal are the result of three years of work," says López, who since starting his program at UVM’s Toluca campus has represented the university at a number of contests.

"Three years ago when I started my program, I took the initiative to get involved in youth olympics computing projects organized by SOLACYT. In high school, I attended the American Computer Olympiad Project "Multimedia Project 2012," and earned a bronze medal. I kept going and participated again in the 2013 edition of the same olympiad, earning a gold medal in the short films category. I also attended the "International Computer Project Competition Infomatrix 2013" in Bucharest, Romania, and earned a silver and bronze medal at the international level," he added.

López's results were undoubtedly helped by his professor Liliana Elizabeth de la O. Herrera, who teaches information technology at UVM’s high school. “Professor Liliana played an important role as an adviser during my participation in the competitions I've attended. This time her work was also recognized and she received a symbolic medal and recognition," he said.

Finally, the bronze medalist said that, "the role of my professors has been of great importance. Their teachings have helped me integrate my knowledge and develop the skills I need to succeed at these types of competitions."