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Universidad del Valle de Mexico Awards the 2013 National Award for Sports Management

Coca Cola FEMSA, Grupo LALA, the State of Coahuila, María Galindo Morera and Hector Reyes recognized


Universidad del Valle de Mexico Awards the 2013 National Award for Sports Management

The 2013 UVM National Award for Sports Management, an event attended by Luis Duran, CEO of the Universidad del Valle de Mexico, as well as five student-athletes from UVM; Aida Roman, Damian Villa, Uriel Adriano, Abel Mendoza and Juan René Serrano took place at the Popular Art Museum. UVM’s student-athletes presented the awards to the winners, along with sportscaster Inés Sainz, who moderated the event.

There were four categories created to recognize Mexicans committed to the development of sport. The categories are: Private Sports Management, Public Sports Management, Civil Society Sports Management, and Sports Journalism. Projects submitted for the first year of the UVM National Award for Sports Management were evaluated by a group of judges.

In the Private Sports Management category, the judges decided there was a tie for first place between Coca Cola FEMSA and Grupo LALA. Abel Mendoza, the global Tae Kwon Do champion, presented Coca Cola FEMSA with their prize. They won for the various initiatives they employ to promote sport, such as the "Coca Cola Cup", and numerous other projects they host to promote physical activity among employees.

The second award in the category was delivered by Abel Mendoza to Grupo LALA. Grupo LALA organizes the LALA Marathon, an event that has taken place the last 25 years to promote sport in the Lagunera Region, while also supporting the local economy. Each year, the LALA Marathon generates an economic impact of over 20 million pesos to the region.

The archer Juan René Serrano, who just completed his degree in Industrial Engineering at UVM, presented the Public Sports Management prize to the State Institute of Sport in Coahuila for their "Slope Activate" project. This comprehensive project, promoting sport and physical activity, benefited more than 565,000 people in Coahuila last year and specifically focuses on children.

The award for Sports Management in Civil Society was delivered by Damian Villa to Maria Galindo Morera for her project "More than One", a plan to utilize yoga to promote physical and mental wellness. The "More than One" initiative has had more than 20,000 people participate in at least one session.

Aida Roman, the silver medalist from the London Olympic Games, and Uriel Adriano, world champion in Tae Kwon Do, presented the fourth category, the Award for Sports Journalism, to Hector Reyes for his profile titled "The Death of Soraya". The jury selected this piece for its very complete profile of an athlete who had to face great difficulties to build a career.

Each winner received a trophy, a check for 30,000 pesos to support his or her work, and a week of sports management training taught by specialists from Universidad del Valle de México.

The judges who evaluated the projects included Ivar Sisniega, Antonio Arguelles, Juan Manuel Rotter, Orlando Anaya, Mariel Hawley, Jorge Badillo, Jose Pablo Coello, Carlos Cisneros and Dieter Holtz.