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Universidad del Valle de México Student Wins Global Competition

Ariadna Suárez Vences wins opportunity to create a design for Alexander McQueen


Universidad del Valle de México Student Wins Global Competition

Ariadna Suárez Vences, a fourth semester Industrial Design student at the Universidad del Valle de Mexico, Campus Puebla, was announced the winner of a worldwide competition organized by the British firm Alexander McQueen, to design the packaging for a perfume that will be launched in 2014 and 2015 .

Originally from Mexico City, Ariadna Suárez welcomed the news of her victory. She beat 167 other participants from all over world, including two contestants from Japan, one from New York, and two of London in the semifinals. Ariadna's victory began to take shape during her Models and Prototypes course of the Industrial Design program, during which she was searching the internet for ideas for a project and found, among other things, the invitation to participate in the competition hosted by Alexander McQueen, a famous English designer.

"The announcement of this contest indicated it would only be open for three hours on the internet, I researched and through a friend who lived in London learned that the competition was to draw a rough draft of a bottle of perfume. I signed up, I got to work, I did the drawings and with guidance from Professor Juan Alberto Vindell from UVM Campus Puebla, who told me the project details were perfect, and another teacher, Hugo Tapia, who also said my idea was great, proceeded to submit my work to London ," said Ariadna Suárez .

Ariadne competed with 167 participants from around the world, including some from some of the best design schools in the world such as Royal College of Art in London, Domus Academy in Milan, and Les Ateliers in Paris, among others.

Ariadna Suárez wants to continue to improve and enhance her knowledge of industrial design, and as pasrt of this plans to continue her studies at the Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti (NABA), the largest Italian school and innovative design located in Milan, Italy.

The programs of the Division of Art, Design and Architecture of UVM have been updated to provide the most innovative methodologies and trends in the industry and thus develop in students, such as Ariadna Suarez, competencies needed to excel in the job market. For Ariadna, having won this competition is a great achievement and a dream come true, "For me everything has been a surprise, I did not plan to begin work immediately in London after leaving UVM. It is an honor for me to represent my university and Mexico, to show people that Mexico is not what you think, there are people like me who want to present their creativity and talent," she said.

The signature Alexander McQueen design from Ariadna Suárez will be presented next at a private ceremony in London.

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