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Universidad del Valle de México Hosts Third International Business Conference

Conference organized around the topic of Leadership


Universidad del Valle de México Hosts Third International Business Conference

Universidad del Valle de Mexico Campus Mérida, with UVM’s Institutional Business Division, hosted the 3rd International Business Conference, focused on leadership, on October 10th and 11th at the Mayan Hall. In addition to thousands of UVM students and faculty in direct attendance, the event was webcast to Laureate network institutions throughout Latin America.

The conference was hosted by the rector of Campus Merida, Dr. Manuel Evia Puerto; Dr. Carlos Miguel Barber Kuri, Director of UVM’s Business Division; and Mr. Felipe Riancho Sauri, representing the mayor of Merida; Mr. Renan Barrera Concha.

Miguel Angelo Laporta, Director of Corporate Sustainability at HSBC, delivered the conference’s first talk which focused on leadership. With a simple reminder of the moments that motivate us in different stages of life and make us proud, his words to the assembled audience emphasized that self-awareness is necessary to be the leader of your own life. Decades ago, he continued, people had a greater sense of wonder, but now that capacity had diminished with technology, which has led to apathy in the younger generations.

The first day of the 3rd International Business Congress also included a panel on Leadership in Family Businesses, which included Eduardo Roche Diaz (Salt Industry of Yucatan), Alberto Rosado Caceres (Tropical Honey), Fernando Platas Alvarez (Platas Sport) and Carlos Clúa de la Torre (O'Clúa Consultants). Each explained the history of their company and how they learned to respect, listen, not impose, and support good ideas, which is vital for the success of a family enterprise and the important family relations that are so important.

Women's Leadership was the theme of the second panel which included Alis García Gamboa (Heart of Gold), Ana Paola Barroso Germon (Association of Women Entrepreneurs), Maru Medina Hollman (Kukis by Maru). They talked about what inspired them to create change in society and set an example for their children by starting a business or foundation while continuing to grow as a person.

The second day of the International Business Conference opened with a lecture by Mr. Santiago Velazquez Duarte, President and Founder of Independent Living Mexico, who shared his personal experience about how to lead your personal life, despite the obstacles and prejudices that are faced by those with a physical disability. From his perspective, only professional disability can prevent a person’s growth. He called on universities to seek to develop engineers who are aware of practical devices for people with physical limitations.

In the context of the panel "Different Leadership Styles", General Carlos Duarte Sacramento, Former Director of the Ministry of National Defense said that, as in any sector, leadership in the military requires knowing the staff, their skills, abilities, weaknesses and needs. He noted that the gift of leadership is one of the main qualities of leadership, but still on the side that the leader has to lead by example. In this panel he was joined by Archbishop Emilio Carlos Berlie Belauzarán, Archbishop of Yucatán and Mr. Ricardo Dájer Nahum (Yucatan Hotel Association).

Last but not least, in a panel on "Sports Leadership", athletes Manuel Sotomayor, a swimmer, Nara Falcon, synchronized swimmer, Edna Diaz and Idulios Islas Gómez, Taekwondo, and Carlos Mercenario Carbajal, Olympic medalist, led a talk to motivate college students from any background to realize their goals. Whereas sports leadership focuses more on the transformational aspect that inspires, athletes and former athletes agreed that while basic physical training is required to succeed, that it should always be accompanied mental and spiritual development.

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