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Latest Report from Universidad del Valle de México’s Center of Public Opinion Focuses on Health Services

Highlights essential factors in the development of physicians


Latest Report from Universidad del Valle de México’s Center of Public Opinion Focuses on Health Services

The latest study conducted by the Universidad del Valle de Mexico’s Center for Public Opinion, which was based on feedback and opinions from leaders in key positions in the health sector, disclosed the attributes that are most in need in doctors who have recently graduated from universities.

Good medical practice
In addition to the scientific knowledge of anatomy, physiology and pharmacology, among others, the report highlights the need for students to develop skills to ensure quality care to patients. This skill should be based on a thorough understanding that the patient is another person, a human being with needs, expectations and feelings.

The quality of care
Arguably the main concern of developing doctors is the quality of care, which can only be ensured through fundamental ethical values, verbal and non-verbal communication skills, and the development of empathy. Participants believe that material contributing to the development of these skills and put students in contact with patients early in their education, can significantly enhance these skills.

Specialists or general practitioners?
The country requires both, according to the doctors interviewed. However, the diseases that are the focus of Mexican society today are the subject of general and family practitioners, much more than specialty doctors. There are important structural problems in public health institutions that require specialists despite the demand for general practitioners.

Linking universities with the health sector is essential
There is no doubt that universities should have a very close relationship with the health sector. Not only to fully understand the needs and expectations, but to be generating spaces that strengthen the training of students and generate policy proposals that contribute to the solution of public health problems in Mexico.

8 in-depth interviews were conducted with leaders from Mexico’s health sector.

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