Universidad del Valle de México opens new veterinary clinic

New clinic at Campus Coyoacán provides hands on experience for students


Universidad del Valle de México opens new veterinary clinic

Universidad del Valle de México (UVM), through its School of Health Sciences, is proud to announce the opening of its newest Veterinary Teaching Clinic on its Coyoacán campus. The new clinic was opened to provide UVM students with access to the best in technology, infrastructure, and equipment. In addition to providing UVM students with the resources they will need to become veterinary professionals, the clinic will provide veterinary care services to the local community.

UVM’s comprehensive instructional model optimizes hands on learning. The new clinic will provide students, under the supervision of faculty and professionals, with direct access to internal medical practices, animal surgery, and animal husbandry. This access will encourage continued learning and will support the continued future professional development of the students in this important field of learning.

The hospital will be open to the general public and will provide preventive medicine services, outpatient services and animal welfare services. It will also provide clinical and radiological diagnosis, and specialized care in the areas of internal medicine, surgery, dermatology, anesthesiology, physical therapy and rehabilitation.

The facility includes offices, surgical suites, areas to hospitalize dogs and cats, laboratories and rehabilitation spaces, autopsy laboratories, imaging and radiology laboratories, and stables for larger animals.

The new clinic is one more investment that UVM has made in this program to help it become a reference point in veterinary education in Mexico. The UVM Campus Coyoacán Veterinary Clinic began delivering service for the public on September 2.

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