Universidad del Valle de México students represent Mexico at Infomatrix 2013

Students from Campus Toluca represent Mexico in international competition in Romania


Universidad del Valle de México students represent Mexico at Infomatrix 2013

For the second year in a row, students from Universidad del Valle de Mexico Campus Toluca successfully represented UVM and Mexico at Infomatrix 2013, which was launched 11 years ago in Bucharest, Romania.  Jorge Lopez and Carlos Villavicencio Parra Luna, fourth semester Preparatory students, were accompanied and led by their teacher Liliana Elizabeth de la O Herrera, and won bronze in the Short Film category and silver for their participation on behalf of an institution.

The students presented a 8 minute film whose central theme was the role of corruption in the lack of education services for homeless children. "In our short film we show how an act of corruption can affect innocent people, such as children. We call for a profound change in the way we act and we invite you to reflect on the implications of our actions," they said.

The Infomatrix, is a global competition of computer projects, which arises from the desire to bring together the world's most talented students in the field of computing. This competition not only promotes excellence, but also launches intercultural dialogue and mutual cooperation through the participation of students and teachers from 48 countries.

The short film by Jorge Parra and Carlos Villavicencio was completed in about two months. "We invested part of our free time working on the script, storyboard, scouting (photo shoot of locations), route planning, production, postproduction and other details."

"Participating in the Infomatrix was a great opportunity and shows that through applying our education, we can yield extraordinary results. There were many memorable experiences that will leave an indelible mark on the lives of those who dare to participate and encourage them to continue to develop innovative projects in the future," he said.

The UVM Campus Toluca students earned the opportunity to participate in Infomatrix 2013 for winning the gold medal in the regional competition organized by the the American Society for Science and Technology and the National Council for Science and Technology, held in Guadalajara, Jalisco in March.

Lumina University of Bucharest hosted the competition. Jorge Parra and Carlos Villavicencio are very proud of what they accomplished. "Representing our country and UVM where we not only competed, but got in contact with students and teachers from around the world, allowed us to learn a little about their culture and the interesting projects that led them to participate, it was a priceless experience," he finished.

This is the second year in a row that Universidad del Valle de Mexico was represented at Infomatrix. Last year students Karla Giovanna and Paola Durazo Fernanda Acuña and their professor Jorge Radelli, Hermosillo attended the competition and obtained similarly excellent results.

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