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Universidad del Valle de México students win competition

Students take first place in Iberoamerican Business Simulation Competition


Universidad del Valle de México students win competition

Jehú Vázquez, Ilse Basánez, Miriam Montelongo and Roxanna Lerma, sixth semester students in UVM’s Hospitality Management program at Campus Monterrey Norte, took first place in the Latin American Challenge Business Simulation in the "Hotel Company" category.

From April 1 to May 15, 2013, CompanyGame, a business platform simulator for training, launched the "2013 Challenge: Latin American Business Simulation Competition", an event designed to complement academic programs and generate knowledge through practice for university students and business schools in Latin American.

The CompanyGame challenge – a custom business simulation project created for business schools and universities by companies like Repsol Spanish, Michelin, and Banamex – included more than 600 students (grouped in teams of 3 persons) representing 50 universities from 15 different countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Spain, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Peru, El Salvador, Uruguay and Venezuela .

UVM students participated in the simulation of managing a company for five years, and had the opportunity to employ their theoretical training and knowhow to business management, competing with teams from a number of different countries.

The challenge consisted of two phases:

  • Phase I: Qualifying round with a number of different simulated challenges.
  • Phase II: Manage a chain of three hotels and outperform all the other teams.

Fifty six teams, representing institutions in Latin America and Europe made it to Phase II. The team of students from Campus Monterrey Norte, led by Graciela Abarca, was the winner of the "Challenge 2013" in the Hospitality category.

This competition has allowed students to live a demanding experience, expanding their knowledge and learning to compete. The simulation has helped them develop their entrepreneurial talent and allowed them to practice the skills needed to run a business, living day by day with the impact of good and bad decisions, which without doubt has strengthened their learning.

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