20 Universidad del Valle de México campuses compete in the 9th Minirobotics Competition

Campus Tuxtla and Puebla teams come out on top


20 Universidad del Valle de México campuses compete in the 9th Minirobotics Competition

Student teams from Universidad del Valle de México will represent the university and Mexico in the International RoboCup, which will take place in Holland in June. Vibrant, from the beginning to end, the 9th Minirobotics and 7th RoboCup Competition took place at UVM’s Campus Villahermosa.

Emotion, anxiety, and adrenaline were on display from each of the 500 students from 20 UVM campuses from throughout the Mexican Republic who showed up in the finals of the different categories in the competition, including arm forklift, the maze race, exhibition, lady robotinos, Beach Cleaner, Mini Sumo Challenge, LEGO RoboCup, and SUMO.

From the beginning, the students, teachers and parents from the UVM community who accompanied their students and children to this university competition, experienced moments of anguish and joy. The MINI-SUMO and SUMO competitions, which consist of two robots fighting vehicles that must drag and draw their rival from a circle shaped platform, were captivating to the audience from beginning to end.

On this occasion the first places went to teams from Campus Tuxtla and Campus Puebla. The SUMO match between Campus Toluca and Campus Tuxtla was dramatic, because the students Victor Perez Reyes, Becerril Epifanio Rodriguez Aguilar and Oscar Nava won the first point against their opponent Gerson Andrés Díaz López, but Gerson with a tank style robot war, won the next round. There was a pause of two minutes for both teams to inspect their vehicles. The fight for the third point and first place was intense. The Campus Toluca creation was a strong machine with two levers at the ends and it launched with full force into the third assault. The fight in the center of the circle was such that the university community, present in large numbers, was left breathless. A momentary mistake from Campus Toluca, which presented their "back" to their opponent led to their defeat as Gerson’s "battle tank" took the opportunity to push its opponent and send it out of the combat zone, which was followed by a great celebration of the audience! The third place in this category went to Francisco Rafael Camacho, a student from Campus Tuxtla.

In the MINI-SUMO final, between student teams from Campus Cuernavaca and Campus Puebla, the winner was José Ramón Candia Sanchez defeated Edgar Guillermo Ramon Rivera by two points to one. The third place was taken by the students from Campus Cuernavaca, Nestor Daniel Olguin, Rodrigo Lopez Uriel Gonzalez and Gerardo Ruiz Garcia.

Campus Toluca and Campus Tuxtla move on to the International Robocup

Campus Tuxtla students, Dasha Virginia Nava Galicia and Estefania de la Torre Garcia, won the Lady Robotinos competition and with it the right to represent Mexico and UVM in the 2013 International Robocup event, which will take place between June 24 and 30 in the Netherlands.



·  Third Place - Campus Veracruz: Abissai Zumaya and Michael Loera

·  Second Place - Campus Torreón: Arthur M. Zador Cruz and José Luis Saucedo Mireles


·  Third Place - Campus Cholula: Karla Gabriela Paz Chacon

·  Second Place - Campus Villahermosa: Giovanna Castillo Mendoza, Eduardo Solis Lara and Jose Jesus Ramirez

·  First Place - Campus Veracruz: Ruben Felipe Tapia and Emilio Alonso García


·  Third Place – Campus Hispano: Joel Ciprian Benito Martinez and Alejandro Peimbert Segobia

·  Second Place - Campus Hispano: Balderas González Alfonso Roa Miguel Angel Jimenez

·  First Place Campus Hispano - Rafael Reyes Rodriguez and Maria Alejandra Garcia Gomez


·  Third Place - Campus Tlalpan: Alejandro Carrasco García, Miguel Angel Castellanos and Ulises Herrera

·  Second Place - Campus Queretaro: Julio Cesar Gavito Muñoz, Javier Guzman Mendoza and José Luis Fernández

·  First Place Campus Coyoacan: José Luis Fernández Angulo


·  Third place – Campus Saltillo: José Alfredo Rodriguez and Nadia Hernandez Rios

·  Second Place - Campus Cholula: Miguel Angel Escobar, Hugo Humberto Zurita Lopez and Gerardo Gomez

·  First Place - Campus San Luis Potosi: José Pedro Carrizales Vazquez


·  Third Place - Campus Tlalpan: Guadalupe Martinez and Rebecca Wendy Viviana Rocha

·  Second Place – Chihuahua Campus: Jessica Guadalupe Galaviz Isela Valdez and Brenda Carpio

·  First Place - Cholula Campus Dasha Virginia Galicia and Stephanie Nava de la Torre Garcia


·  Third Place – Campus Cuernavaca: Alan Rene Ramirez Castillo and Joshua May Eliezer Gonzalez

·  Second Place – Campus Hispano: Javier Luis Alanis and Salvador Jimenez Red

·  First Place – Campus Hispano: David Israel Garcia and Ruben Islas Tonatiuh

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