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UVM student wins first place in the XXII National Chemistry Olympiad in Chihuahua

José Emiliano Covarrubias from UVM Veracruz takes top prize


Universidad del Valle de México student wins first place in the XXII National Chemistry Olympiad in Chihuahua

Effort, dedication and sacrifice was what José Emiliano Covarrubias invested to achieve the top prize in the the XXII Olympiad National Chemistry held in Chihuahua. José Emiliano is 16 years old and completing the fourth semester of his high school program at UVM in Veracruz. He is considering Materials Engineering, Nanotechnology Engineering and Alternative Energy Engineering as potential majors.

José speaks five languages: Italian, English, French, Russian and Spanish. However, his main goal is to engage in research to "help advance science and my state of Veracruz in Mexico," says the talented student.

He adds that he would love to study abroad, "to have better opportunities to help research centers in the country. For each sector of engineering that interests me, I have a potential project that I would like to develop."

"For example, in Materials Engineering there is a high demand current project to find a room temperature superconductor. I would like to collaborate with this project. I would like to find ways to apply nanotechnology with medical goals because it has a good future. As for alternative energy, I would like to encourage the use of new energy sources, other than oil, such as solar, wind, and nuclear", he said.

The XXII National Chemistry Olympiad received in the 190 student participants from 32 states of Mexico and was organized by the Mexican Academy of Sciences. The Olympics is the application of five tests, four based on theory, to assess the academic preparation of the participants.

In the fifth test, contestants are asked to determine the concentration of an acid and evaluate it to see if it could make hydrogen electrolysis and José Emiliano won first place in this category. "I feel very proud because this has been a major achievement for me, even for several classmates because there were those who helped me study, as well as my teachers, one of which, Master Pedro Vinay Santos prepared me for the terms of this competition. It was that fundamental support which led me to victory," he said.

At 16, José Emiliano has a life like any boy his age with sports committments and a girlfriend. He says, "the trick is to know how to handle my personal and educational commitments. Though I am young, I feel I am seeing a change in my country, in my state, despite the problems that exist. I wish more people devoted themselves to thinking about the future, their children, grandchildren, in all that is important for all live in a better world," he concluded.

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