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Universidad del Valle de México delivers the Premio UVM to 15 young social entrepreneurs

This is the 7th class of young social entrepreneurs to be recognized through this initiative


Universidad del Valle de México delivers the Premio UVM to 15 young social entrepreneurs

The Premio UVM por el Desarollo Social (UVM Award for Social Development) recognized it’s 7th class of 15 young social entrepreneurs who are leading projects that promote social development and better living conditions. In a ceremony that took place at Campus San Rafael of the Universidad del Valle de México, Gabriela Frías, anchor of CNN’s “Dinero” program, handed the recognition to the 15 winners of the 2012 call for projects and recognized them for their efforts to challenge the obstacles on the path to development.

“This award – she stated – reminds us that there are young people using their time and energy to solve the needs of our time. They are not waiting for the government but they organize. This is a quality I expect these fellows to preserve”. Ms. Frias pointed out that there is a global call to support social entrepreneurs, which is an opportunity. It is necessary to find spaces where these armies of men and women who work for millions of other people can meet.

“I invite you to join and lead this global conversation. Infect us, teach us how the world should be according to your beliefs. We suffer from a desperate lack of role models and leaders. This is a complicated world where we live, there are urgent tasks. I am certain that the passion with which you started and now improve the lives of others, is going to be a principal tool for solving problems”.

Yamili Chan Dzul, leader of the Palal Balam Kah program, from Yucatán, spoke on behalf of the fellows. “We are here to represent some of the many people working to transform the world. The fight goes on. Even if we are not here, the seed of combat and social change we plant today will keep living in the generations to come. This is Mexico, this is our land, we are young people who have been raised to fight. We are here to battle for children, youth, women, and people with disabilities. I want to tell you that we can all make a difference. Thanks for being here and for accompanying a few of these many fights we have decided to undertake.”

The Premio UVM is member of YouthActionNet, a global network that promotes young entrepreneurs that are working to solve social and environmental challenges. With this award, the fellows receive economic support, training and access to the YouthActionNet network. The 2012 fellows are:



Alejandro Mayoral Baños

Distrito Federal / Veracruz

Almadelia García Fernández


Daniel Esteban Gómez Íñiguez


Donaji del Carmen Hoyos Tejeda


Jorge Lanzagorta Gallardo


José José Grimaldo Colmenero


Karla Monserrat Chavira Romero

Distrito Federal

Lucía de Lourdes Agraz Rubin


Maria del Carmen Vázquez Valdez


Maria Frida Haaz Unger

Nuevo León

Mariana Astrid González Pacheco

Distrito Federal

Pedro Agustín Gómez Damián

Nuevo León

Raquel Martínez Martínez


Rigoberto Nopaltecatl Lara


Yamili Nidelvia Chan Dzul


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