Universidad del Valle de México student wins Google Apps Developer Challenge 2012

The "Google Drive Graphic Explorer" application created by Carlos Toxtli wins 1st place


Universidad del Valle de México student wins Google Apps Developer Challenge 2012

Time savings and increased productivity is what Google users will find in a new application, Google Graphic Drive Explorer, developed by Carlos Toxtli, a second semester student in the Master of Business Administration at the Universidad del Valle de Mexico's Santa Fe Campus.

In mid-2012, Google held an international contest for six months, inviting young men and women, without any restriction of age, profession or nationality to participate in the application development platform for Google Apps, evaluating the integration of their tools and the usefulness and benefits they provide.

Carlos Toxtli managed an application that solves a common problem - locating information instantly, as described by quoting his words: "The idea behind ​​this software arises from the delay in finding information."

"We usually have mostly hidden information, What do I mean by this?, We have a folder within a folder and so on, so that the information contained 6 levels down is highly hidden and inaccessible; methods keyword search sometimes are slow and not as accurate as many of us are more visual. The idea was that all this information hidden in folders and subfolders can be seen at first glance, encapsulated and grouped in circles with a preview that reveals its contents. In this way, we are always just a click away from our information no matter how many files you have," said the MBA student.

Thousands of people from all continents participated in this competition. In Latin America, Carlos Toxtli was the winner of the "Company / small business solutions" category with his software project "Google Drive Graphic Explorer" and was the only Mexican semifinalist, and the only Mexican to earn a first place in competitions of this nature of Google.

"It's very interesting collaboration between different users and to have control of the information you share with them. In addition to viewing your files, you can see what files you share and with whom. Thus, work is also just a click away," said Carlos Toxtli.

This article was originally written in Spanish and has been translated into English to be shared on the Laureate International Universities website.