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Universidad del Valle de México opens new laboratory and renews agreement with FESTO

Resources and relationships helping strengthen UVM’s Engineering programs


Universidad del Valle de México opens new laboratory and renews agreement with FESTO

Universidad del Valle de México and the German company FESTO renewed an agreement that aims to strengthen the strategic partnership in education and technology development that benefits the students and teachers in Engineering at UVM.

FESTO and UVM began their relationship five years ago. FESTO is a leading Automation and Pneumatics company and supports UVM as an academic partner in helping student develop the skills they need to be successful. FESTO facilitates access to the latest technologies and laboratories where students can reinforce theoretical knowledge with state of the art equipment.

As part of the renewal of the agreement, UVM inaugurated the new Mechatronics Laboratory of Campus Coyoacán. Dr. Eduardo de Jesus Garcia Garcia, National Director of Engineering at UVM said "The goal of opening the new lab is to provide the service that students deserve and need to be fully prepared for success as they will be the builders and drivers of Mexico’s future development. Mexico needs engineers who graduate from universities to grow, but there is a lack of talented engineers. We are focused on providing these talented professionals, who speak English, who are more prepared to generate the development of our country and the world, all with the support of world leading companies such as FESTO" he said.

The Mechatronics Lab at Campus Coyoacán includes hardware like a CNC, a unit to manufacture parts as well as a complete process simulator and computerized robotic manufacturing. The UVM leaders who attended the ceremony to renew the collaboration and inaugurate the new Mechatronics Lab included Dr. Cesar Morales Hernández, UVM’s Institutional Rector; Bern Engineer Knoesels Schreiber, Director General of FESTO; Mr. Armando Ramirez Loyola, FESTO Education Manager and Dr. Eduardo de Jesus Garcia, National Director of Engineering at UVM.

The technological cooperation agreement signed between the two institutions, offers the following benefits to support educational development:

  • FESTO provides professional training through specialized industry seminars on privileged terms for students, in addition to their professional training, in areas such as Pneumatics, Electro Pneumatics, PLCs, Numerical Control Systems and Flexible Manufacturing Systems.
  • FESTO provides specialized professional training to the faculty of the School of Engineering on the entire platform of equipment purchased.
  • Support with certified instructors to give lectures, talks and workshops for the student community and faculty.
  • Facilities equipped for UVM by FESTO for use in the development of learning and skills, are areas where new technologies are introduced, in order to serve in display cases, demonstration and testing productive for businesses and organizations.
  • The synergy between FESTO and UVM can extend links with other institutions, making cooperation agreements with other agencies and universities that have relationships with FESTO in areas of research or academic cooperation nationally and internationally.
  • FESTO promotes and provides the support for UVM's participation in academic competitions, nationally and internationally. The result is UVM teams that represent Mexico, which earned first place in Mechatronics Olympics and Robotics Competitions, and more recently the 3rd Place in World RoboCup 2012.
  • Constant updates on industrial technologies and the managerial staff of UVM in Mexico and abroad, ensuring high levels of competitiveness, encouraging participation in outreach and counseling to businesses.
  • FESTO supports the loan of equipment and personnel experts to UVM as judges for training of teachers, students and national events and competitions.
  • The UVM provides the staff of FESTO and family members with access to academic degree programs.

This article was originally written in Spanish and has been translated into English to be shared on the Laureate International Universities website.