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Universidad del Valle de México Professor wins Engineering Award

Mauricio Ortega Ruiz is one of the eight winners in Mexico City’s Engineer's Day


UVM Professor wins Engineering Award

Mauricio Alberto Ortega Ruiz, a professor of Engineering at Universidad del Valle de Mexico’s Coyoacan Campus, received the 2012 Mexico City Engineering Award for his work on the Digital Seismograph project.

The award was presented by the Head of Government of the Federal District, Marcelo Ebrard Casaubon, who said before the engineering guild, that six years ago when he began his tenure as head of the Federal District, he proposed a document which he called the "Master Plan", which focused on solving the different problems facing the city within the next 25 years.

"In these six years of my administration, we repaired the drainage system, increased the amount of drinkable water in Mexico City, built a fiber optic network for uploading images from the existing 15,000 cameras in the city in real time, we continue work to expand the metro, and clinics and hospitals have been built. All thanks to Mexico’s engineers and their efforts, without your support (engineers), this would not have been possible. So this award is for you, without your help, the major objectives projected six years ago would not have been finalized," said the head of the Federal District.

Engineer Mauricio Alberto Ortega Ruiz won one of the award’s eight categories, the Electrical – Electronics area, and said the award is the result of several years of study and research for a project in digital seismograph, "The project provides better information and analysis about what is happening underground. The goal is to introduce underground sensors, which the seismograph would pick up and can help us anticipate and prepare for the possible softening of soil, cracks or a possible earthquake," said the UVM professor.

This project is already used by builders and geologists who use it to understand soil characteristics before construction. The research was led by Engineer Mauricio Ortega, UNAM researchers and students in electronics and mechatronics who were completing their social service projects at UVM.

"The project studies seismic hazards in Mexico City. They are creating systems to detect cracks in the ground. Researchers at UNAM’s Institute of Engineering are starting to operate it and were interested in the first prototype, the next step is to conduct studies on measurement equipment, instruments, and the electronics to develop a system for the study of soil in Mexico City through which an electrical signal injected into the ground shows us what we need to know."

Mauricio Alberto Ortega confirmed the digital seismograph is already at work in Mexico City, and he hopes that it will soon also be used in all the states of the Mexican Republic.

This article was originally written in Spanish and has been translated into English to be shared on the Laureate International Universities website.