Universidad del Valle de México hosts the 2012 Laureate Culinary Cup 2012

Eight institutions from seven countries compete at UVM Campus Lomas Verdes.


Students from seven countries gathered in Mexico for three days to participate in Laureate’s 2nd Culinary Cup. During this event, they participated in a variety of activities leading up to the main event: the preparation of traditional dishes from their home countries, which were compared and analyzed by a jury of internationally renowned celebrity chefs, who were responsible for selecting the winning team.

The 2012 Laureate Culinary Cup was won by the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts in Amman. Jordan led by Chef Anton Wursch and composed of students Jennifer Totray and Mohammed Alasmar with the following menu:

  • Cold Appetizer: Octopus, shrimp, rice, tomato, onion
  • Hot Appetizer: Baked vermicelli dough with cheese, Zatar spice, walnut-red-pepper sauce
  • Main course: Kebab spiced with arabic coffee, sesame eggplant dip and bag poached lamb with sheep yoghurt sauce. Cauliflower-bread - herb dumpling. Green and durum wheat waffle. Vegetable pickles
  • Dessert: Warm milk and honey foam with Bedouin tea herbs. Frozen milk, honey and white chocolate on pomegranate molasses. Jellied milk, orange blossom, pistachio, mastic gum, on prickly pear and mint spaghetti

The team of Chef Benjamin Browning and students Ryan Bennett and David Stewart, representing Kendall College, USA, was awarded second place. Third place went to the Universidade Anhembi Morumbi team from Sao Paulo, Brazil, led by Chef Leonardo Tavares and students Galli Oliveira and Victor Garcia Coelho.

The team from UVM Campus Queretaro composed of Valeria Cota and Marcela Ramirez were the proud winners in the first edition of the Cup, which was held at Kendall College in Chicago in 2011. Their victory gave UVM the opportunity to host the prestigious international competition this year.

The opportunity for students to share experiences, tastes, textures, cultures, enriches their education and helps them continue to develop their vision of the jobs for which they are preparing professionally.

Face to face contact with experts in the subject being studied further enriches the experiences and contributes to the specialized training of the young participants that focuses on business, health and sustainability.

Students from Anhembi Morumbi in Brazil, Universidad Latina de Costa Rica, Universidad de Las Americas in Ecuador, Universidad del Valle de Mexico, the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts in Jordan, Universidad Interamericana de Panama and Kendall College in the United States, completed a couple of intense days of preparation to identify and collect the ingredients and recipes to make their dishes the best.

The judges, who had the difficult decision of selecting the winners of the second edition of the Laureate Culinary Cup 2012, included:

  • Isabella Dorantes, executive chef of one of the most renowned restaurants (el Club de Industriales).
  • Daniel Walter Joho Fischer, a renowned leader in culinary training and professional education.
  • Alejandro Kuri, chef owner and creator of the concept restaurant chain "La Casa de las Enchiladas"
  • Paulino Cruz, currently one of the most recognized personalities in the field of Mexican cooking, especially for her outstanding work as adviser and banquet organizer.

As part of the 2012 Laureate Culinary Cup, UVM’s Center for Public Opinion unveiled the analysis of a qualitative study conducted with chefs from institutions from around the Laureate network, including questions such as:

  • What drives chefs to be chefs?
  • What are the leading trends in the industry today?
  • Where are the culinary arts going from here?
  • What are the challenges of global cuisine?

For a thorough analysis of the responses to these questions, please visit the website for UVM’s Center for Public Opinion www.opinionpublicauvm.mx UVM

With events like the 2012 Laureate Culinary Cup, the universities in the Laureate network strengthen internationalization, which enriches the training of its students.

This article was originally written in Spanish and has been translated into English to be shared on the Laureate International Universities website.