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Universidad del Valle de México hosts 2nd International Business Conference focused on Social Responsibility

Secretary of the Government of Puebla and Mayor of San Andrés Cholula attend the inauguration at UVM Campus Puebla


Universidad del Valle de México hosts 2nd International Business Conference focused on Social Responsibility

With the participation of the Secretary General of the Government of the State of Puebla, Fernando Manzanilla Prieto, the Second International Business Conference: Corporate Social Responsibility, was called to order at Campus Puebla of Universidad del Valle de Mexico. During his speech, the leader stressed the need to develop a new way of doing business with an approach that favors human relations. "It is necessary to understand the work of the employee, not as a tool for profit making, but as an element created by their efforts, thoughts and feelings," said Manzanilla Prieto.

During the event, the Rector of the UVM Campus Puebla, MSc. Jesus Martinez Carbajal, referred to the importance of the entrepreneurial activities that are generated among university students and noted that "we need to generate wealth that makes us grow as a society." He talked about the work the campus currently does through the Student Center and Community Development, which works with government institutions in programs to prevent irresponsible consumption of alcohol, among other social issues.

For his part, the Academic Vice Rector of Universidad del Valle de México, Dr. Carlos Enrique Gonzalez Negrete said that "students are loaned to education institutions for a set period of time, and we have the responsibility to deliver them back to society as people who care about moving the country forward economically, politically, socially and culturally, have the skills to do that and also have a life plan that will make them relevant and happy human beings. The University is an agent of change to achieve that purpose."

The opening of the Conference was also attended by Mr. Jose Ortega, President of UVM; Lic, Miguel Huepa Perez, Mayor of San Andres Cholula; Mr. Ezequiel Flores Duran, from the office of the Secretary of Education; Professor Gabriela Ramírez Mota, Rectora of the Southeast Region of UVM; MSc. Jesus Martinez Carbajal, Rector of the UVM Campus Puebla; Dr. Carlos Miguel Barber Kuri, UVM’s Institutional Director of Business and Social Sciences; Mr. José Carlos Montiel Solana, President of the Business Center of Coparmex Puebla; Mr. Francisco Rodriguez Alvarez, Chairman of the Business Council of Puebla; Guillermo Almazan Smith, Director of the Institute for Youth Poblano; Mr. Armando Prida, President of the Synthesis Editorial Group; and Almazan Guillermo Smith, Director of the Poblano Institute for Youth.

This conference was created to focus on corporate social responsibility, as an active and voluntary contribution to society, the economy, and the environment. It is an opportunity to bring together leading Mexicans and highly responsible business leaders, in order to educate and impact young students.

The conference addresses four aspects of Social Responsibility: Ethics, Women Business Leaders in CSR, Food Sustainability and Entrepreneurship with a Social Approach. There are two lectures, one at the beginning of each day of the conference. The first on "Corporate Social Responsibility" was delivered by Maestro. Miguel Angel Laporta, Director of Sustainability and Social Responsibility of HSBC and the second was delivered by Eduardo Ortiz Tirado, Director General of Mexico for SC Johnson and Vice President of SC Johnson Global.

Some of the business leaders and specialists participating in the conference include: Adriana Martinez Guerrero, Director General Laboro 50/50; Alonso Castellot, a Partner at Intelistregia, a company focused on the development of strategies for accountability; Alberto Courtney Cordova, Director of Human Resources for BIC Mexico; Noah Quintero, Specialist in Human Resources for Talent and Organizational Development; Lorena Laris Guillemin, Professor of the Master in Social Responsibility at the Latin American Center for Social Responsibility (Centro Latinoamericano de Responsabilidad Social - CLARES) and member of the Advisory Committee Mexican Center for Philanthropy; and Laura Eleonora Solano Martino, a member of Cemefi’s Social Responsibility Committee and consultant from the Financial Group Affirm.

The Second International Conference of Business was organized by the Division of Institutional Business at UVM and is part of the extracurricular activities that strengthen the focus on ​​New Business Models. The general public is also welcome to attend the two day event for a small entry fee of 350 pesos.

This article was originally written in Spanish and has been translated into English to be shared on the Laureate International Universities website.