Universidad del Valle de México students win third place at the 23rd International Energy Congress

Students recognized for project focused on sustainable housing


UVM students win third place at the 23rd International Energy Congress

Students in the Civil Engineering and Mechatronics programs at Universidad del Valle de México Campus Zapopan, won third place in the XXIII International Energy Congress held in Guadalajara in August 2012, with the project “Proposal for Sustainability and Energy Efficiency in Residential Housing in the State of Jalisco."

Focusing on the importance of promoting social wellbeing and taking care of the environment to continue on the path towards sustainable development, the Professor Joel Mejia Olivares and students Justo Javier Torres, Ernesto Morales Guerrero, Gerardo Giovanni Rios, Antonio Flores and Miguel Angel Contreras, conducted an assessment and proposed improvements for average residential homes in the state of Jalisco.

The cost of this type of housing ranges from 800,000 pesos to 1.2 million pesos. "We did research on how homes are built today and what kind of technology is being used in the provision of services such as electricity, water and gas. We also looked into the types of materials used to build homes."

"Based on our findings, we proposed the use of alternative energy in the construction of homes, which means implementing the use of thermally insulated materials that keeps houses cooler without air conditioning. Additionally, we made the systems more efficient through the use of solar panels for energy, and solar heaters to more efficiently heat water and reduce gas consumption, "said Professor Joel Mejia.

"The selection and evaluation criteria used by the jury, which was composed of members of the Jalisco College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, were feasibility, real ability to implement the project, the monetary benefits of the suggestions and the potential reduction of CO2 and equivalent emissions. All of our proposals were economically viable and reduced emissions into the atmosphere. This was what caught the attention of the project. This is of great benefit to our planet, as it reduces greenhouse gases."

This article was originally written in Spanish and has been translated into English to be shared on the Laureate International Universities website.